All team members are 100% engaged in the activities

Science fiction atmosphere touched with humor and references to the film masterpiece

Unique experience and ocean of impressions

Immersive teambuilding
«Back to the Past» – is not just a teambuilding programme. It is an amazing mixture of the theater, quest and genius of the engineering thought. This is a real story that takes place here and now, and you are the characters!

what awaits you?

You will find yourself in 2531, when artificial intelligence runs the worlds, a mad professor tries to create a surprising music machine, and its robotized lab assistants unfortunately are not really help-mates easy to deal with. But it is with your help that the history will happen, and the copestone – believe us – will not only bring you together, but also, similar to the best traditions of the Back to the Future, will make you believe in miracles!

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2-2,5 hours / 120-150 minutes

general muster (gathering)

30-40 minutes

  • dwelling into history
  • creating the mood
  • splitting into scientific departments


45-60 minutes

  • getting the patterns
  • obtaining the components
  • identifying leaders
  • collecting details


20-30 minutes

  • connecting parts
  • brainstorming
  • sending the chosen people to fulfill the tasks


20 minutes

  • getting the “key”
  • checking the efficiency
  • celebrating
  • stating your emotions


Boris Alkhimovich

Taraboom is our reliable partner with whom we have been cooperating for more than 5 years. Leonid and his team genuinely take heed of our wishes, despite the roar of the drums, and always give out a striking result!

Mikhail Klimanov

"We" love working with Taraboom. Vivid implementation, a clear understanding of tasks (and the ability to customize their programs to them), inexhaustible positive energy. Basically, all this is described in one word: professionalism.

Ilya Gorbachev
(Market Emotion)

Market Emotion thanks your team for the effective cooperation! We express our sincere gratitude for your conscientious attitude and mutual understanding! We wish you success, energy, large and memorable projects. We will be glad to develop our cooperation!

Professor BO
James Franklin Bonito junior, the offspring of the doctor Emmett Brown, who invented the time machine in one of the alternative realities of the Earth (later brought to screen by a famous TV company). The character complies with all standards of mad professors.
Jack, senior assistant
Nobody has seen his employment record, so no one knows his full name. Smart and well-read, he appreciates his position, believes in genius of Professor BO and someday hopes to deliver a truly useful discovery to the world.
The software that used to be a standard voice-activated digital assistant, but later it was transformed by Professor BO in the basic artificial intelligence; as befits any self-respecting (and self-aware) intelligence, it seized power in New New Jersey and nominal rights for the laboratory. Professor and his team continued working in the laboratory because they got their salary in time and were provided a solid social package offered by SIRI, but the conflict of interests still remained.
Laboratory assistants: Do / Re / Mi / Fa / Sol /La

The cyborgs created by Professor BO as assistants (Professor does not get along well with flesh-and-blood people, except for his senior assistant Jack).

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